6 Secrets of People Who Always Smell Great

Today we are revealing the 6 secrets of people who always smell great, so that everyone can benefit from knowledge to useful to keep to yourself! Check it out below and share with a friend today:

 6 secrets of people who always smell great

Choose Scents That Last

1. Choose Scents that Last  

Perfume Oils Go The Distance - Alcohol based perfumes - like hand sanitizer starts strong and quickly fades as it dries. Choosing a  perfume oil helps give more staying power. 

'Magic Makers' - Certain ingredients are the "magic" of enduring scents. They most commony are a combination of one of the following: musks, perfume resins (amber, oud), woody scents (sandalwood, cedarwood), florals (often lavender and jasmine) and the always favorite - vanilla.   

Short and Sweet Citrus - Light, crisp and uplifting; citrus scents burn brightly but unfortunately fade the fastest. That's why sticking to scents from the first group will help with longevity.

Stay Hydrated to Lock in Scent 

2. Stay Hydrated to Lock in Scent!  

Dry skin Kills Perfume Longevity - Fragrance seems to fade fastest on dry skin. We recommend hydrating up as soon as you jump out of the shower, to seal in moisture! That will also give it time to absorb before any perfume application.  The perfume molecules bond best with oils (hence why perfume oils are so popular). A well hydrated skin will carry the scent longer.

Apply Perfume Correctly 

3. Apply Perfume Correctly

Do - Apply to to warm pulse points to get the MOST BENEFIT! The most popular are wrists, neck, and cleavage area but check out the less well known ones - HERE.

Don't - Crush the perfume by rubbing the wrists together in a circular motion causing it to fade prematurely

Do - Pat arms together gently.. This can aid transfer scent and also start to warm up the perfume.

Layer Your Scents

4. Layer Your Scents

There can be MORE than only one - Many people choose to create a scent unique to only them by layering their perfume. This, along with your unique body chemistry, individual skin care and routine will complete your scent. Experiment and enjoy! Our only recommendation is that you pick scents that complement each other. Paralyzed by possibilities?  Never fear, we've already put together a bunch of scents that work together to make it EASY - Check them out here.

Reapply As Needed

5. Reapply As Needed 

Even if you have applied correctly, hydrated, and are using perfume oils; you will still sometimes need to reapply. TRAVEL FRIENDLY is the way to go.  Having a convenient travel-friendly perfume roller is perfect. Slip it into a purse or a pocket for that "on-the-go" and fabulous lifestyle!

Use Chromelle Perfume Oils

6. Use Chromelle

We may be a little biased, but we think that Chromelle Perfume Oils check out all the boxes and are the best perfume oils out there. Curious? Want to know more about the scents?  Read The Chromelle Scent Descriptions Here

Hope you enjoyed these 6 secrets of People who always smell Great

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