Reuse and Recycle - Eco-Conscious Living

We know that it's important to so many people today to Reuse and Recycle and making a commitment towards Eco-Conscious Living.  Let us share with you what we are doing to contribute:  


People look for products and packaging that can either be easily recycled, composted or reused wherever possible. Some green beauty products come packaged in plastics which can be very difficult to recycle. Our perfume oils come in glass bottles and metal roller balls. Our perfumes also come in paper boxes that are made using a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC controlled wood which mitigates the risk of the material originating from unacceptable sources.  


Our boxes are 100% recyclable, and made from a mix of recycled materials. You can save resources and reduce the impact on the planet by easily recycling the box.  We also have glass bottles, according to Toronto Waste Wizard you can easily place cleaned and empty glass bottles in the Blue Bin for recycling. Please check local requirements to follow proper recycling procedures for your region.


Our company continually works with others to ensure the well-being of all living beings in our supply chain through respectful business practices and the minimization of environmental impact.  We believe that nature deserves to be nurtured and protected. We have a responsibility to the wellness of the planet, and that’s exactly why we’ve developed commitments to reduce our impact and create a sustainable business, including using sustainably harvested Australian Sandalwood.


We understand that today people are seeking more than just value, they are considering the ethical and environmental impact of their products. That is why we are proud to support Vegan Beauty and Cruelty Free Beauty Products. 

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