Chromelle Scent Descriptions

What do they smell like? Oil-based fragrances last longer and linger close to the wearer for a more personal perfume experience, but you need to know the scent! Learn about our five great Chromelle Scents here:

What Does Each Chromelle Scent Smell Like?


Chromelle Magnetic Scent Description Perfume Oil

Chromelle Escape Scent Description Perfume Oil

Chromelle Innocence Scent Description Perfume Oil

Chromelle Temptation Scent Description Perfume Oil

Chromelle Serenity Scent Description Perfume Oil

Set of Three Chromelle Perfume Oils

Set of Five Chromelle Perfume Oils

What Scent Most Appeals to you?

Scent is unique as the person and our scents customize to your body chemistry!  Our best seller is Magnetic, most gentle is Escape, Sweetest is Innocence, Boldest is Temptation and most Floral is Serenity. Start a journey with perfume oils, for scent that inspires you dawn 'til dusk. Simply apply a few drops of perfume oil to pulse points for a concentrated scent that will bloom and deepen on your skin. 

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