Create Your Own Set of Three Chromelle Perfume Oils

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Create Your Own Set of Three Chromelle Perfume Oils

*Pick Your Favorite Three from our Five Amazing Chromelle scents!

Mystery is enticing, it pulls you in with undeniable allure. This luxuriously simple blend begins fresh and effortlessly. Rising to the warmth of your skin, it exudes a confident sincerity and sensual draw. Lastly, you are subconsciously met with comforting and classy base notes. Compelling nuances are the warm soft feeling of white amber, a fresh touch of spicy sweetness, a hint woody allure. A perfume that completely draws everyone into its spell, enticed by its scent, compelling them to find out more. Truly magnetic.

Like a relaxing vacation far away, or a trip at the spa; Escape is so good for the soul. A soft and subtle aroma that evokes warmth and comfort. At first glance, it smells cheery with a hint of adventure. Soon it delicately blooms via the warmth of your skin, revealing softer, warmer and more sensual nuances. Compelling notes are a musky sweetness, a touch of woodsy allure, with a hint of velvety softness that completely transports you. It is not always possible to travel; but you can always take a trip with Chromelle Escape.

We've got the perfect go-to fragrance that is as comforting as the hug of your college BFF. Feminine, Playful, and pretty much perfect. This must-have perfume oil features a feminine blend of warm vanilla, soft musky hues, and a hint of bourbon sweet base notes. A soft and subtle aroma that evokes warmth, attraction and fond memories. This lighthearted perfume starts off playful with the joy of vanilla, hints of musky attraction, and then the sweet feeling of your cares dropping away. Smells as great during morning coffee as it does after enjoying dinner and a movie. Versatility for the win!

Like an enchanted rendezvous in a dewy sunlit glade, Temptation opens by awakening desire with soft fresh aquatic tones mixed with a sensual fougère aroma. On the warm touch of bare skin, it captivates with a woody heart of creamy sandalwood and whispers a flirty promise of passion. Grounded by the addictive velvety undercurrents of a soft exotic musk; it lingers with allure and sincerity. For the playful woman who is intoxicated with life, Temptation evokes passion, warmth, intimacy and authenticity. Why resist? Give in to Chromelle Temptation.

Effortless is IN. Get the perfect sophisticated fragrance that is as authentic as you. Feminine, thoughtful, and enhances any occasion. This must-have perfume oil features a balancing blend of exotic and regal notes. At first you get a soft kiss of citrus, then a warm bloom of fresh floral, which is grounded by hints of exotic sweetness. These silky warm tones bring to mind a lovely regal blend of myrrh, patchouli, musk and soft amber. Give yourself a boost each morning, and enjoy the calming transformation of each delightful nuance all the way to evening! Intriguing, yet effortless. Experience - Chromelle Serenity.


  • Premium Perfume Oil Blend
  • Skin Friendly - Jojoba Oil Based
  • High Quality, Long Lasting
  • 10mL Sturdy Glass Container
  • Smooth Glide Roller Ball
  • Perfectly Fits Your Active Lifestyle.

Storage: Store in a warm environment for best results (room temperature or above).


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I recommend this product

Hope I picked the Best Three!

I got Magnetic, Innocence and Escape, Those were the ones I was most excited baout, they smell really good but now I'm wondering about the other two.



Great Choices! If you crave the other two in a bit, just let us know!

I recommend this product

Great for a Boost!

Keep these in my purse and use whenever I need a boost to lift my mood!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Free to be Me!

Love the freedom to choose my own set, got the three perfect for me! Innocence, Serenity and Magnetic!

United States
I recommend this product

Worth it!

I was a little scare to buy perfume online but these are so great!

Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Delightful, luxurious and truly magnetic!!

I love all 3 and choose which one to use based on the mood I want to project for the day (or evening) as each scent is unique and creates a different reaction. The scents are very subtle and though you may not smell them trust me others notice! I went to a restaurant with a girlfriend and the host had commented that my perfume was "intoxicting" - I was wearing Escape. I went back a week later - wearing Magnetic. He recognized me right away and this time he gave us some prosecco on the house and had the same bottle of wine for us! That's the magic of the these oil sets!



So awesome to hear! Thank you so much for your lovely review! Wishing you continued success with your fragrances! We appreciate you!