What You Need To Know About Layering Oil-Based Perfumes

Regular perfumes don’t allow for a mix and match type of application. Fragrance oils are made to wear alone or blend together to create something uniquely yours.  Layering fragrances is an art form.

To understand how to best combine your scents, you need to first understand the different layers in individual fragrances. The top note is what you smell right away when you apply and it and usually consists of the sparkling and vivacious  notes. The middle note is the heart of the fragrance and is usually warmer and softer. And finally, the bottom note is what develops last and what stays with you for hours—long after the top notes have disappeared.


1. Choose scents that are simple
The key to layering your oil-based fragrance is to use scents that have a similar scent profile. For example, Chromelle's Innocence contains vanilla notes. It can be coupled with Serenity which has floral musk notes. These fragrances work well together because they both have similar notes of vanilla and musk.

2. Order of layering
When you're layering your oils-based scents, it's important to keep in mind that the order of application will have a big impact on how your scent develops over time. The first layer you apply will be the most noticeable at first, but as you add more and more layers, your scent will eventually take on a richer and more complex fragrance. For example, when you wear Magnetic rich in amber notes, it can be layered with our Escape scent for a calming effect.

3. Pulse points are the electric points!
Behind the earlobes, at the base of the neck, behind the knees and in the crooks of elbows – as well as on your wrists are where Chromelle oils should be applied. It’s best not to rub these areas together (including rubbing your wrists together), as it can bruise or dilute the scent.

Layering perfume oils are the most unique and personal way to experience our scents. You can start with just one or two, but if you want to layer them together, you can order a sample set of five!


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