The Best Way To Apply Perfume

Do You Apply Perfume Correctly? 

Apply Perfume Correctly with These Tips

This seems like an *easy* answer right?  We all have a memory of seeing someone apply perfume and then copying it. We all know that you apply to wrists and then vigorously rub them together, right?  NO! That is not good! What about spraying perfume into the air and jumping into it?  Again, not the best way to use perfume! 

So what then?

Today, we are going to talk about perfume application and how to get long lasting perfume that isn't overpowering. Wearing perfume is easy, but wearing it WELL - takes a bit more finesse.

The Traditional Way To Apply Perfume - Then VS. Now 

Traditional Perfume Oils Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels
Did You know that perfume oils have been around for around 5,000 years? History show the Indus Civilization, from 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE, used perfume oils. The traditional way to apply perfume oils was to put a small amount between hands and pat the clothes and hair. Applying to hands first, would not only disperse it but also prevent staining. People used them because they were stable, long lasting, easy to apply, and had a long shelf life. It's no wonder why this timeless trend is making a strong return! Isn't it more romantic to think you might be wearing a perfume like Cleopatra did in ancient Egypt?


Alcohol perfumes didn't exist until 1370 - just a little over 600 years ago- Diluting perfume with alcohol is a relatively newer experience. Some time after this was invented, people started spraying it into the air above them and jumping into it. This is a bit of a waste, as a minimal amount actually transfers to the person using it. Better to apply a bit more directly.

Where To Apply Perfume?

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GOOD NEWS. There are a *lot* of options for where to apply perfume: Wearing perfume on Skin, on pulse points, perfume for hair, or how to apply perfume on skin and clothes, and even on the inside of Masks.  However, if you are like us, you probably want to know the best, most long lasting way to wear perfume.

How to Apply Perfume on Skin

Don't - Crush the perfume by rubbing the wrists together in a circular motion.  This friction causes the top notes to fade and evaporate before they can settle and bond with your skin, it can not only change the scent but also lesson its lifespan.

Do - Pat arms together gently - at the most. This can help transfer scent and also start to warm up the perfume which will help it to disperse faster. This will allow the perfume to Bloom with the Oils on your skin and its fragrance to have reach its true potential.  We have mentioned the wrists specifically because that's one of the most traditional spots but the best areas for application are the pulse points.

What Are Pulse Points? 

Pulse Points Where to Apply Perfume Photo by Владимир Васильев from Pexels

Perfume oils blossom when applied to the warmer spots of the body.  Often times, those spots are the pulse points. What are those?!? 

WRISTS: A well loved spot, since we move our arms around a lot, which maximizes the chance for ourselves, and others, to notice what we are wearing. Not a lot is needed, just a bit on each wrist. Air dry or slight tap only. For someone with poor circulation, this may not be the best choice (Especially if their hands and arms are often cold) because it won't heat up and disperse to its full potential.

BEHIND THE EARS: The area behind the ears gets really warm and contains natural oil which traps the fragrance from the perfume oils which makes scent last longer.

NECK / COLLAR BONES: The Neck and Collar Bones area tends to be very warm as well, they also have natural depressions for perfume application where it be undisturbed and therefore last a long time. 

CLEAVAGE AREA: Another popular choice, a naturally warm area which also tends to have more natural moisture.  Since dry skin kills longevity, this does the opposite and perfume tends to last longer at this location.

INNER ELBOWS: Inner elbows are warmer than the hand or the wrist and the extra warmth activates the fragrance oils more quickly. It also lasts longer in comparison because it won’t come off when washing your hands. BONUS! the same goes for behind the knee but we find it is not our "go-to" spot.

How to Apply Perfume To Hair

How to Apply Perfume Oil Hair Perfume Oils Canada Canada fragrance oil Canada alcohol free perfume perfume sale Buy perfume oil canada cruelty free perfume vegan perfume vegan perfume oil canada

Hair holds the scent of the perfume even longer than the skin. Direct application is best for longevity; however, be warned that spray perfumes with alcohol can be drying and a bit harsh for the hair. Applying perfume oils to hair is often recommended to keep it drying out with perfume use. To apply a perfume oil to the hair, you use the same method as Cleopatra, you just take a few strokes of the oil on both your palms and run through your hair. And voila, feel like a Princess with long lasting luxurious scented hair.

Can I apply More than One Perfume At a Time?

Yes! This is the type of "summer layers" we can get behind! You can also apply different scents on different spots of your body or layer one on top of the other if you don’t have to pick just one.  Experiment, and find a combination that works for you.  Note - this is easier to do with perfume oils as they blend well together and don't overwhelm.  You might want to be a bit more lenient with alcohol based perfumes as you don't want to fumigate you friends.

Keep Mask Fresh with this Tip:

Use perfume Oil to refresh your mask

Want a great way to refresh your mask, or give yourself a boost? Absolutely try this but we definitely recommend using an alcohol free perfume, as alcohol and inhaling are not a good combo! We also suggest staying away from undiluted essential oils, because they are not made for direct application.  Perfume Oil rollers are perfect for this because they easily swipe in and last a long time - weeks! However, we definitely recommend changing your mask more frequently than that!

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Find what you like and YOU do YOU!  Rules are made to be broken!  Do what makes you happy.  What about you? How do you use perfume?  Feel free to comment and let us know. Also, if you appreciated this post, please like or share with a friend to spread the goodwill and word!

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