Can Fragrance Make Me More Attractive?

Does The Nose REALLY Know? Can Fragrance make me more attractive? Lets look into this:

Which of our FIVE senses is the STRONGEST? 

It's our sense of smell! No only that, its the sense most tied to memory and emotion.  That's a big factor in attraction! According to Mood Media 75% of the emotions we generate every day are due to smell.  Not Only That, but we are 100 times *more likely* to remember The Things We Smell, VS Hearing, Seeing or Touch alone. The Nose KNOWS Eh?!?  Want better chances at that next first date, or catching the attention of that person who’s caught your eye?!  Listen up!

Can It Really Improve My Chances?

We can’t promise that our perfumes will land you that next date.  *However* there was a US study done, and people exposed sweet vanilla-like scent experienced 63% less overall anxiety than those who didn't. WHOA! Looks like great fragrance can not only reduce stress, and relax us but it can also potentially improve our sleep. (Hello Chromelle Innocence) A relaxed, well rested version of yourself always looks more attractive, right?!  Maybe they are on to something here...

Can Perfume Really Make Me More Attractive?

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Seems straight from a commercial, right?!  But new research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center actually discovered that women's faces are rated as *more attractive* around pleasant aromas. MIND BLOWN!  Jean-Marc Dessirier, Lead Scientist at Unilever said, "These findings have fascinating implications in terms of how pleasant smells may help enhance natural appearance within social settings.” Unfortunately, fragrances didn’t seem to change the perception of age. So basically, they are going to think you are prettier, but not any younger. (Phoey! But one out of two is not shabby!) 

Can Aromas Influence our Moods?

According to Rachel S. Herz, an assistant professor of psychology at Brown University: ‘Studies prove that positive scents make people feel good and bad odors do the opposite. Scents change mood, which effects thoughts, which determines actions!’  It’s a positive or negative cause and effect. Don’t you want YOUR effect to be positive?!

Childhood and the Color of Smell

Apparently, people tend to smell in color (Is this true for you?!?) and not only that, but smell and emotion are stored together as a single memory. According to Dawn Goldworm in a Harvard News article, 'our experiences in childhood create a guide which determines which smells you like and dislike throughout your whole life.'  Despite childhood differences, I think it's safe to say that nobody wants to smell like yesterdays leftovers for a special occasion.

How We Rate Attraction Differently:

A study by Science Direct examined differences of attraction in response to "Looks", "Odor/Scent" and "Pleasantness." Data from 198 male and female  college students revealed that Women ranked body odor as MORE important  than “looks”. Men rated "looks" as most desirable. *However* lets circle back to what we already learned:

The Final Scoop On Scent and Attraction: 

To summarize everything covered so far: Basically, Women think that pleasant body odor is more important than good looks. In contrast, you Guys out there tend to think that looks are most influential, BUT will rate good smelling people as better looking. Whaaaaaat?!  So its pretty clear to me that even though we all may have different factors of attraction a great  fragrance is *absolutely* going to help us all out!! 

Can Fragrance Make Me More Attractive? - Studies say YES

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