Three Influencer Tips to Complete Your Look

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#1: Perfect To Complete Your Personal Style

Trina said "I believe fragrance is a key part of personal style, for me its like getting dressed, without it I feel incomplete, almost like something is missing. Whether I'm staying home or going out it's always the same drill.  My Look isn't complete without my fragrance.  Chromelle Magnetic Perfume Oil is a perfect combination of White amber, a fresh touch of spicy sweetness, and a hint of woody allure.  Perfect to complete any look."

 #2: Great To Take On The Go 

Christina said "An exotic musk which reacts to your body chemistry, which is really cool.  I love anything warm and I also like musky fragrances too. It smells really good, it smells fresh and light, so if you don't want an overpowering smell, this one's a good one for you. This little rollerball is coming with me in my mommy-bag." - Best way to travel with perfume and Great for a fragrance refresh on the go!

 #3: Try In Your Mask for a Quick Boost

Britt said "Refresh Your Mask!! Apply a swipe to your mask and give yourself a mood boost throughout the day! It’s the perfect blend of premium fragrance oil and jojoba and it’s alcohol free so it’s light, airy & user friendly. Definitely not going to overpower you. Skip the cough, and just go for the bliss. My favorite is both Innocence and Escape together Try it out!


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